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Dr. Krista Zivkovic, D.O.
Board certified - AOBFP

Dr. Zivkovic's Philosophy

I believe in taking the time to learn about my patients' lives, habits, and goals, in addition to what they feel is wrong at the moment. Helping someone become healthy isn't only about prescribing them medication.   It is about helping them understand why they feel the way they do and how lifestyle changes can help them feel better now and into the future. My job is to not only help with current health issues, but to help prevent future problems. It will be my pleasure to be your doctor.

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care brings the practice of medicine to what it was and what it should be. The whole relationship is between the doctor and the patient. We're removing the unneccesary layers that have made the practice of medicine more complicated and expensive than it needs to be.

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